Our Philosophy

“We’ve found our inspiration & purpose designing spaces that blend the way our clients live with the style & environment they’ve always envisioned. It starts with a creative openness that our designers truly embody. We listen to our client’s needs & lend our eye & experience to every project (no matter how big or small). You’ll find our designers down-to-earth, easy to work with, & incredibly capable of making your interior dreams come true!”
— Roughing It In Style

Our Services


  • Interior Design Consulting

  • Space Planning

  • Furniture, Accessory, & Art Selection

  • Custom Cabinet & Furniture Design

  • Lighting Selection
  • New Construction & Remodels
  • Finish Selections

  • Custom Window Treatments & Bedding

  • Rental Home Design (Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, etc…)

  • Color Consulting

Our Process

Our Process

It all begins with you!

Your needs, your vision, and your budget. We’re here to help. Think of your Roughing It In Style designer as a guide on your interior journey.

No one here is on commission. That frees up our designers to do what they think is best for you and your space, without the pressure to upsell or to make unnecessary add-ons to meet a quota.

We truly feel that when expectations, style guidelines, and budgets are met, everybody wins.

We also know that each project has unique features and challenges. You came to us for help and helping create amazing spaces is what we excel at.

*If we are working with you on construction oversight and project management, there will be a few more steps to allow for finish selections, site visits, contractor meetings, and all of the other small details that go into a successful project. *


The consultation is all about understanding. Our designer will meet with you at your home or in-store to talk over your vision for the project. They’ll ask about how you plan to use the space, what your vision for the look and feel is, and take down notes and measurements that will help direct the design.

They’ll ask about budget. Do you have a hard number to stay under or a general ballpark of what you want to spend? We have over 500 product suppliers to pull from, and there are options for any budget, big or small.

You’ll be giving your OK and input throughout the process, but this is the foundation that will set the tone. We want to get it right!


Now it’s time to bring it all together. Your designer will take the notes and ideas gathered during the consultation and start developing the design. They’ll do scale drawings and room layouts as they select the perfect pieces for your space. They’ll gather fabric, leather, carpet, and finish options to dial in the feel of the room. Don’t be surprised if you get a few texts or emails with pictures and ideas from your designer during this phase. Your feedback lets us know we’re heading in the right direction!

This step ends with the presentation. Your designer will show you how the entire project comes together. The presentation usually takes place in the store to showcase all the pieces, samples, and pictures curated for your project. You’ll have the opportunity to approve or ask for more

options for every single design choice. We know that you’ll be the one enjoying the space for years to come (seriously…Roughing It In Style stuff lasts FOREVER!).


The big reveal!

This is when everything comes together. It’s what we live for and it’s the moment every designer will tell you gives them the greatest reward for their work – seeing their clients light up when they first see their finished space.

A lot goes into our preparation for the big moment. Our professional delivery team will arrive at your home to get everything set up, and your designer will be right there beside them, providing direction on the placement of every piece of furniture, art, and décor you’ve selected during the design process. If they feel inspired by additional accessories or other items that might enhance the vision you have for your space, your designer will even include those for you to consider!

It’s all about you, your vision, and your goals finally coming to life in the room we’ve been lucky enough to create with you. Now you’re Roughing It In Style.


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