“Christmas now surrounds us,
Happiness is everywhere
Our hands are busy with many tasks
As carols fill the air.”
~ Shirley Sallay

You’ve just finished up decking the halls, placing the crisply wrapped gifts under the tree, and putting the final touches on your Christmas music playlist when a thought strikes like a December blizzard.

The inside of my home looks cozy and full of holiday cheer, but what about the outside?

It’s been a busy season, we get it.

Between work, shopping, and planning for your party, there wasn’t any time to string yards of lights and set their blinking to the tune of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.    

 It’s not too late.  Just follow these simple rules to decorating your entryway and you’ll guarantee that every guest through your door will be filled to the brim with Christmas spirit!

*Note: These tips work just as well for other holidays or general entryway decorating too.*

1. Welcome them with Color

img_0823Close your eyes and create a Christmas scene in your head.  What colors, textures, and materials are you envisioning?  Bright cheerful reds, the color of a hand-tied bow or Santa’s robe?  Deep forest greens, the color of a freshly cut pine tree? The high silver shine of jingle bells?

You can capture the entire feeling of Christmas with a well-placed wreath or pine boughs and some ribbon

2. Intrigue them with Artifacts


Start looking for a couple special things that can be your holiday decorating foundation.  In the picture above there are three distinct pieces that create interest.  An antique wheelbarrow stacked with firewood, a galvanized metal bucket filled with pine branches, and a colorful vintage sled.

This takes a little bit of planning and a keen eye but pays off for years of easy and unique decoration.

3. Trigger Memories with Icons


Each holiday has certain icons or items that bring instant recognition and a rush of memories and happy thoughts.  Santa, Christmas trees, wreaths, ribbons, and lights are just a few things that will spark the imagination of your guests.

Aim for a classic mix. There’s need to go over the top with dozens of plastic light-up statuettes.  A couple well placed pieces will set things off nicely.

4. Surprise them with a Step Beyond the Expected

The last picture also has a couple special things that bring all the three previous rules together.  There is a hand painted Father Christmas on an aged red antique sled.  The intermixing of old, handmade, and iconic add enough Holiday Spirit to fill Santa’s sack.

The sled is balanced by the smartly decorated weathered bench topped off with a leather pillow imprinted with an old holiday ad.  This brings nostalgia and even surprise that such a quality piece would be used at an entryway.

A head start…

If you’re still stumped on your holiday decorating and need a little help you can contact a member of our awesome design team or stop by one of our stores (designers always on staff).

An artifact of your own

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