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Trends in Kitchen Cabinets

In any home remodel, the kitchen is a space that gets, and possibly deserves, the most attention. And what part of the kitchen gets a lot of attention? The cabinets. It makes sense, right? On the surface, the purpose of the cabinets in any kitchen is for storage — small kitchen appliances, pots and pans, food, etc. But there’s also...

Top Accessories For a Rustic Feel

On a cold day, there’s nothing more comforting than to sit in an oversized chair, with a thick, warm blanket, in a room that is decorated with rustic home furniture. The woods with beautiful textures, the warm materials, and warm colors will always offer an invitation to come in and feel right at home. To give your cabin, mountain getaway,...

Tips on Designing a Warm Space

Whether you live in a climate where it’s warm all year long, or if the cold, winter weather is causing you to reach for blankets and thick wool socks, you can benefit from these warm design tips. A space, regardless of the temperature outside, can have warm and cool design elements that give the space a certain feeling. Wherever you...

The Perfect Holiday Setting: Your Dining Room Table

The number of things necessary to do when planning for a holiday gathering at your home can be staggering.  There are meals to prep, decorations to put up, and accommodations to organize ("Sorry Timmy, you’ll be sleeping on the floor again this year!").   One thing stands strong amidst all the chaos, the trusty dining table.   This faithful holiday companion will...

Four Reasons to Use Leather In Your Home

There are hundreds of different materials that can be used when trying to create the perfect interior design — fur, leather, wood, silk, brick, stone, and the list goes on. Many of these materials can be found in a majority of homes, but there are others that might take some searching to find in your neighborhood homes. One such material,...

What to Know About Reclaimed Wood

It might not take long when driving around in the country until you find an old barn, fence, old gym bleachers, wine casks, or even an old house that was built out of beautiful wood panels. While you might not want to salvage the wood yourself, you can recognize the beauty of the texture, the various shades of red, brown,...

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