Your Essential Home

During this time of social distancing, with many shops shut down, I have been contemplating what is considered Essential. Not the same essential as the brave doctors, nurses, and national infrastructure workers that keep us all going. Not the essential of an emergency, but an essential of living life to its fullest potential.

Essential, by definition, is: of the utmost importance, basic, indispensable, necessary.

Having shelter, a house, or an apartment is basic…and indispensable…and very necessary.

Having a HOME, a place of safety, of comfort, somewhere that fits who you are, and how you live is “essential” in the true spirit of the word.

There is strong evidence to show the environment in which people live is closely linked to their well- being.

Our roles here as designers don’t start and stop at the door. When we meet people, it becomes more than just proximity.

We are all doers, and makers, and believers in one thing: Your Home.

If your home is the story of who you are and how you live, we are here to help you write it.
Many times, we lie awake in our beds at night, still floor planning & finalizing finishes for your project in our heads. Not able to sleep until things pull together just so, like finding the perfect word to make a sentence ring true. The pages of a good book transition seamlessly but give you an interest in investigating more, just like a home if properly designed.

A great designer will help your family and friends navigate your home naturally, and find comfort with ease. Any awkward spaces, we will make sing, an additive feature instead of an eyesore.

We create family cohesion. The development of our children is shaped by environment (especially their room) and can evoke strong memories and feeling decades after they have moved away.

Home is the pull that has you drive through the night, take the earlier flight, and get that certain feeling when you turn the last corner.

Having someone visit your house means inviting them in, but having a designer partner with you to create a home is quite another invitation indeed.

Written By: Diana Gruenke
Photos By: Autumn Alvey