Once you have a nice piece of rustic reclaimed furniture made from reclaimed wood it’s necessary to take any measure to maintain its distressed look. After all, you probably spent a decent amount of money, or time, on it. You’ll definitely want to do your best to maintain it and keep it in the best condition it can be in. Thankfully, it’s not that hard! In fact, most of it is common sense.

Protect Your Reclaimed Wood By Removing Dust and Water Frequently

Remove dust and dirt from rustic reclaimed furniture frequently; their buildup is bad for maintaining reclaimed wood. We recommend wiping with a soft cloth along with dusting and vacuuming around it at least once a week. Clean any food and water that comes in contact with the reclaimed wood immediately as well. Oils from food cause the wood to be stained and the liquid will warp and discolor it, so make sure you have a healthy quantity of coasters on hand for whenever guests arrive. In addition, don’t let hot tableware come into contact with the furniture either. This will lead to further damage, so make use of hot pads when the time comes.

Use Natural Cleaners To Sustain Reclaimed Wood

Regularly try to clean your furniture every week with a soft cloth. When cleaning, use natural cleaners and stay away from chemical cleaners as they will damage your reclaimed wood and leave behind residue that causes dust to cling to the table.  Cleaners that contain ammonia should especially be avoided as they will completely damage the reclaimed wood when used. Water and vinegar can be combined to be used as a natural cleaner if you are having difficulty finding some. There are plenty of other natural cleaner ingredients you can choose from when making your own. Feel free to experiment and see what works best! Make sure when you do, that you steer clear of any chemical cleaners though.

Place Your Rustic Reclaimed Furniture In Shaded Areas

Keep your rustic reclaimed furniture away from the sun and don’t place them in any sunny areas where it will be hit by direct sunlight and UV rays. Direct sunlight constantly hitting the furniture will cause the texture to slowly change along with the color, hue, and patina of the reclaimed wood. This makes the wood slowly fade and discolor, losing its character and integrity. In addition, the heat from the direct sunlight will dry the reclaimed wood out, cracking the furniture. Place your furniture away from direct sunlight at all costs! Make use of blinds and curtains to block out any sunlight hitting it. Don’t place the rustic reclaimed furniture outside either; if you must have it outside though, only have it in well-shaded areas. This is still not recommended, however.

Place Rustic Reclaimed Furniture In An Optimal Humid Room

If you purchase (or make) furniture made from reclaimed wood you must be aware of the humidity and dryness of the room you place the furniture in. Rooms that are hot and dry will cause the reclaimed wood to split and crack. Humid and wet rooms will expand the wood and cause it to deteriorate. Reclaimed wood does its best in moderate temperatures around 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity around 50%. Stay aware of this, especially when the seasons change. During humid seasons, like Spring and Summer, opt to have a dehumidifier ready just in case the home becomes too humid. During the dry seasons, fall and winter, use a humidifier to keep the room at optimal moisture levels. You want the moisture levels to be around 6-8% indoors. 

Cleaning your furniture shouldn’t be complicated, but if you want to maintain the character and integrity of rustic reclaimed furniture then these are the tips you should remember. If you would like to learn more about reclaimed wood & rustic reclaimed furniture then subscribe to our blog. We write articles based around rustic reclaimed furniture, design, and products. Subscribe today and stay in the loop!